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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our respose lies our growth and freedom"

Viktor E. Frankl

Learning Space

Learning in Inner Quest Centre is fun. It is dynamic and interactive, integrated and experiential, practiced and embodied.

At Inner Quest Centre Learning Space, we build communities to learn, grow and evolve, together, where life is learning and learning is life. We provides a specialised platform to support the evolution and growth of your life journey. We integrate Eastern wisdom and practices with Western psychotherapy, psychology and knowledge imparting. Through a combined methodological approach mingling arts, humanities and mindfulness & meditation, 

Inner Quest Learning Space Programs of Transformation brings to life the decades of East West research. Our approach is immersive and integrated. Each of our carefully curated programs offer an array of layered, and are inter-connected to realign mind, body and energetic spirit at their deepest level, as well as addressing particular health issues in focus.

We are a Centre where you learn; a place to grow, a place to evolve and transform. We invite you to discover and curate your own journey!


Learn I Grow I Evolve

We build learning journeys for you and your community to reconnect to your inner core where creativity lies and to flourish is our purpose.



Relationship is all there is. We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are, change yourself and the world will change around you. Life is evolution; evolution is life.

Be stewards of your gifts and talents. Release potential, erase constraints, discover that your POSSIBILITIES have no limit


Family Learning

Family is the first community to nurture love and compassion

Nourishing a healthy family system starts from within, does not stay the same and differs through life cycles. A mindless moment is a lost moment, no other moment will be the same, no second chance. Stay aware and engage with yourself and your family every moment

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Professional and Certification

In Inner Quest Centre, we fuse Eastern wisdom and Western science to advocate for an evolutionary life. We are a Centre where you learn; a place to grow, a place to evolve and transform. We invite you to discover and curate your own journey!

Learn and choose to get certification from established individuals and organizations. Discover the power of embodying mindfulness into your coaching, counselling, therapy or any other practices.

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