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Group Therapy

Exceptional Achievement

We are part of groups on a daily basis, whether it be our family, work culture or some other community with which we are involved. In fact, most people enter psychotherapy because of their inability to connect successfully in some way to another.

People show up in treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, parenting issues, stress, and addiction and many other concerns. When people show up in a relationship or a group they tend to recreate the same rules of engagement that have proved troublesome to them outside of the group. That is, they show up in a group how they show up in their world.

Group therapy provides a microcosm of your existence and an opportunity to foster awareness and transform these patterns. It is a social laboratory and a unique arena in which to see oneself in the context of others. In a group you will experience others and learn how they experience you, the latter potentially quite different from how we view ourselves. Group counselling ultimately addresses such issues as vulnerability, boundaries, emotional and behavioural expression, insight, and trust. It provides a safe place to cultivate the recognition of the way you make your way in the world and a space in which you can try on new ways of being. A shift within the group often precipitates transformation within your world.

Inner Quest Centre offers the following groups:

  • Mixed-Gender Process Group

  • Process Group for Young Professionals

  • Men’s Psychotherapy Process Group for those struggling with Out-of-Control Behavior

  • Women’s Process Group for Victims of Betrayal

  • Betrayed Partners’ Group for Women (10-12 weeks)

  • Betrayed Partners’ Group for Men (10-12 weeks)

Process Group

Process groups are a powerful way to experience yourself in a ripe environment for change. People enter a group with various issues, symptoms, or diagnoses such as anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, stress, addiction, anger, parenting concerns etc.. Members discuss elements of their lives and their relationships and process within the group are observed and examined in real-time, making way for deep exploration and change. Groups typically have 6-9 people and meet for 90 minutes. Interested participants need to be in ongoing therapy (at least monthly) and submit to an initial screening interview to determine eligibility to participate and decide if the group is for them. Process groups are closed yet transitional and not time-limited; they can live on indefinitely. That is, on occasion, a member will leave and someone will join; the group is ongoing. Members are expected to make a three-month commitment to determine if the group is right for their healing. Inner Quest Centre offers the following process groups for high-functioning individuals:

  • Mixed-Gender Process Group

  • Process Group for Young Professionals

  • Men’s Infidelity Process Group

  • Women’s Betrayed Partner Group

PsychoEducational Groups

Psychoeducational groups are a mixture of education, brief experiential exercises, support, and homework. They are time-limited (10-12 weeks) and maintain the same group members throughout. These groups are built around a particular subgroup of individuals who have shared the same or similar experiences. The purpose of the group is designed to work through a particular trauma or traumatic set of experiences related to this event(s). These groups have 4-5 members and meet weekly for 90 minutes. Inner Quest Centre offers the following psychoeducational groups:

  • Betrayed Partners Group for Women

  • Betrayed Partners Group for Men

Don't Struggle Alone

Reaching for help is sometimes impossible. Pain is universal. You don’t have to be alone with yours. Call or email for your complimentary no-risk screening interview

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