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Individual Therapy

  • Are you suffering from disabling anxiety, panic or depression symptoms?

  • Is grieving the loss of a loved one more difficult than you might have anticipated?

  • Do you experience rapid changes in mood?

  • Does the world seem like a dangerous place to you

  • Do you have a challenging or toxic relationship with someone, yourself, sex, the internet, money or food that you are unable to stop despite harmful consequences?

  • Do you feel like life is overwhelming and that you can’t get through?

At various points in life there are obstacles or challenges with which we are faced. The aftermath of trauma and loss is painful and confusing and leaves us with intense sadness, shame and perhaps loneliness. Attachment wounds from our childhood often become reactivated and make their way into our present connections. Navigating through these events—a difficult childhood, a divorce, career change, a loss through death, change or break-up, unhealthy relationships at home or work—can produce unexpected symptoms such as disabling anxiety, depression and addictions. Healing from these injuries, old and new, can help us move forward.

Fortunately, there is help and for those who reach for it; there is relief. While many people handle their problems on their own, there are times when seeking professional assistance can bring a different perspective, support and tools needed to empower and change destructive patterns. Therapy can be a priceless experience. Therapy can give you a better understanding

We All Need Help With Life's Challenges

I can assist you in gaining a new perspective and practical solutions to help you get more out of life. Please call or email me to set up a phone consultation or schedule your first appointment.

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