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Nourishing a healthy family system starts from within, does not stay the same and differs through life cycles. A mindless moment is a lost moment, no other moment will be the same, no second chance. Stay aware and engage with yourself and your family every moment.

Family Relational Centre

Family is the first community to nurture love and compassion

Family Therapy

Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within the family are put under strain and family members feel isolated or overlooked. Family therapy is helpful in situations where the family system has been disrupted.  This may be a result of a problem of a single family member or multiple family members, where the issue is related or completely different. For instance, family members may face challenges in areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Strained marital relations;

  • Conflict between family members

  • Differences in parenting methods;

  • Divorce and separation (management of emotional, mental, and physical states of both adults and children, pre- / during / post- divorce)

  • Inter-generational conflicts 

  • Difficulties arising from blended families;

  • Family violence 

  • Financial, employment, and/or housing concerns;

  • Mental health concerns;

  • Coping with grief and loss of a loved one;

  • Illness and/or disability of a loved one; 

  • Alcohol, drug, and/or gambling addictions;

  • Sexual orientation issues.

Family is very important in any culture and society as they form the foundations upon which we establish our various values and beliefs both individually and collectively. As such, it is important that when problems start to arise within a family, prompt and appropriate help should be sought as soon as possible.

Family Learning

Relationship starts from within.  Increase your awareness of what and how you are made; how you see others from your lenses and how you relate and affect others. 

As is known, we are shaped by our families. However, how exactly does the influence happen, in which way and what aspects does it work? In the family relationship, how does the multi-dimensional effects come up in the daily interactions? As parents, what kind of environment shall we provide to our children for the sake of their true well-being both physically and psychologically? With the increasingly higher number of children who are developing emotional and behavioral problems, school refusal, interpersonal conflicts and intense relationship with parents, how do we perceive and handle?

In fact, underlying what appears as children's "problematic" symptom, is the "problematic" family relationship. We might not be aware, family has its own life cycle, thus it could as well get ill at some point. Usually children would be the ones who take the illness for their family. The "Family Learning" workshop aims to explore and interpret these topics with a special perspective of family system, with our years of clinical experience and real family case study as evidential support.

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