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Couple Therapy

  • Do you feel like your relationship or marriage is on the brink of disaster?

  • Does your relationship at times face challenges where you feel more distance from your partner than you are comfortable with?

  • Have you had difficulty reaching for your partner lately?

  • Has the dynamic in your relationship or marriage changed?

  • Are you longing for that safety and secure attachment you once had with your partner?

  • Has your relationship suffered a recent betrayal or one partner has turned away?

  • Are you sometimes unsure if you and/or your partner or spouse wants to continue?

A relationship can be a source of one’s greatest joy and also one’s deepest pain.

While it often begins with passion, excitement, closeness, and friendship, it can deteriorate into a relationship where there is distance, anger and indifference. Anyone can fall in love, but staying in love requires consistent effort and knowledge. 

Healthy relationships entail attention. Daily life gets in the way; busy schedules, work responsibilities, parenting demands, and digital life today have put the emphasis on the couple- ship lower on the priority list. Most couples show up in treatment when physical intimacy, relationships within and outside the family, and even simple daily tasks of living have significantly deteriorated and when it appears as though differences are irreconcilable.

There is hope! Couples therapy can help remove the impasse and stimulate growth. Research has shown that couples that commit to therapy and stay in treatment do well. Couples therapy can help reset priorities, remove the impasse and stimulate growth. You can restore the connection back in your relationship and your marriage!

Couples counseling,  helps relationships, married or not, identify, understand and resolve conflicts and improve their connection. It gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences and heal wounds.

Reconstruct Your Relationship

There is hope to regain the attachment and intimacy so critical for connection. Call or email me today for a complimentary 10 minute consultation to see how I can help you.

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