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Relationship Naikan - Self Reflection for Couples

Relationship NAIKAN: A very effective tools to reflect on relationships with friends, parents, siblings and especially on those couples who are having difficulty and contemplating separation or divorce. Let’s learn more, Try it and see. It’s the only way.

Relationship Naikan - Self Reflection for Couples
Relationship Naikan - Self Reflection for Couples

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Naikan - A Chance to Look Inward 

The practice of Naikan will be of great benefit for couples, especially those who feel stuck with feelings of resentment, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, stress, and sadness.

You may be stuck in unhelpful patterns, have gridlocked issues, emotional disconnection or have suffered an injustice or have been hurt in some way.

What's the Purpose of Naikan Practice?

To improve the quality of your relationships via a deeper understanding and ultimately a change in behaviour and communication. Because not changing, automatically means getting more of what you currently have. If you want a better relationship, then you’re going to have to actively work on it.

Frustration and anger can be felt when your standards aren’t met, or something is not living up to your expectation. Perhaps an injustice has occurred that has broken one of your rules or beliefs.

Naikan or “inside looking” will be a chance for you to take “time out” on your dominating perspective, to take a look inward and see things from a new perspective; what others see.

A fresh perspective can reveal fresh new insights that you may have otherwise been blind too.

With new insight comes new ways to take action, resulting in growing wisdom and deeper understanding.

Self-reflection is a perfect way to increase your level of self awareness too. Even if you don’t have any breakthrough insights, you will undoubtedly enjoy the Naikan experience as your raise your level of self-awareness.

Let’s learn more, Try it and see. It’s the only way.

What you discover, through this deep personal reflection, may inform and inspire the rest of your time.  Give yourself the gift of time to explore this practice of self-reflection.

The program will be conducted by Dr. Ivan Zy Lim

Space is limited.  Register early.

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